The star curtain that dreams are made of!

Instead of just blocking out the sunlight come nap time, harness it to bring a little nighttime magic into a child's room. With a pattern of 60 stars inspired by real celestial clusters, the Twinkle Curtain does just that.

Constructed from a cotton blend blackout fabric, the pattern is die-cut into neutral-colored curtains to project daytime light that recreates a night sky. This drapery will inspire, comfort and shade any child's surroundings while parents will appreciate the clean, sleek, and modern design of the custom die-cut fabric. Hang the Twinkle Curtain on its own or blend with other window treatments –the effect will be magical either way!

Designed by an architect, the Twinkle Curtain seamlessly blends form and function…and family. In fact, it was the architect’s young son who, upon seeing the curtain for the first time, began to sing, “Twinkle, twinkle little star…,” thus branding the product.

The Twinkle Curtain is available in roller and curtain rod options. It’s made from a cotton-poly, fire-retardant fabric in white and ivory colors. New fabrics with blackout properties, such as suede and felt, will soon be released in a variety of colors, along with new Zodiac cluster designs.

Twinkle Curtain
Curtains: Small 36" x 76", Large 54" x 76". Can be customized
Style pictured: NGC 6791 cluster, 36” x 72”
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